How to Embed Google Maps

December 7, 2005 at 9:38 am

Ever wanted to have a Google Maps map on your website? Paul Stamatiou walks you through how to get a Google Map up and running and how to access the Google Maps API.

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Browser Size Bookmarks

November 29, 2005 at 3:07 pm

If you’re a web designer like me, you often want to preview what your site looks like at different sizes. Nicholas Roussos has provided a set of browser resize links that will automatically set your window to a popular screen size. Save these as a bookmark and you’ll always be able to quickly check your designs at different screen sizes.

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November 22, 2005 at 10:31 am

Well, now I know what I’ll be doing over the holidays: browsing through every single link at The Favourite Website Awards.


November 14, 2005 at 10:25 am

linkedup is a fantastic collection of links to beautifully designed websites. This is a great source of inspiration for any web designer.

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Measure Map

November 3, 2005 at 9:19 am

Measure Map provides free stats for your blog. I signed up today. It’s still to be seen if it’s more useful than Feedburner.

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Identity 2.0 @ OSCON

October 11, 2005 at 5:57 pm

Dick Hardt, founder & CEO of Sxip Identity, gives the OSCON 2005 keynote address, Identity 2.0.

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Compare Fonts with Typetester

September 20, 2005 at 4:43 pm

Typetester is an online application for comparing of screen fonts. This is a valuable tool for web designers who want to quickly compare variations of fonts on screen for use in websites.

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Where Have All The URLs Gone?

10:55 am

More and more I’ve been seeing the use of the acronym “URI” in place of the old familiar “URL”. URI stands for a “Uniform Resource Identifier”. It turns out, a URL is actually one form of a URI, in the same way in which HTML is a form of XML. Wikipedia explains the difference.

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Extending Firefox for Web Developers

September 7, 2005 at 9:38 am

Warping it up! has an article that covers various extensions for the Mozilla Firefox browser that web developers should find interesting.

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Macromedia Releases Studio 8

August 8, 2005 at 9:49 am

Version 8 Released 8/8. Get it? This may be the last Macromedia release before their products port over to Adobe. Get it while it’s fresh.

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