LIFE – Sodoku

You may or may not like the puzzle game Sodoku, but you can’t deny the fact that this online Flash game by LIFE is extremely well executed. I love the friendly look and feel, the subtle little animations, and the nicely designed icons.


It’s Whizzball!!! I’m addicted.

Flash Game Programming Wiki

Interested in developing Flash games? Take a look at the Flash Game Programming Wiki, dedicated to game programming and development with Macromedia Flash.

Flash Video: The Most Widely Accepted Online Video

Macromedia Flash content reaches 97.3% of internet viewers. If you can watch a website with Flash, you can watch Flash Video. Why publish video online in any other format? Macromedia shamelessly flaunts their stats.

Simple Image Search

Airtight Interactive has just published Simple Image Search, an excellent example of using Flash to create a better web application. AI decided to use Yahoo! image search instead of Google because of its easy-to-use API. The only functionality that’s missing from the Flash version is a way to go back to your previous search, but […]

Fuggy Fuggy

This is the story of the little ninja that could. Now excuse me while I run around shouting, “Fuggy fuggy!” at everything in my way.

FLY Pentop Computer

There’s some excellent use of the new Flash video capabilities at the FLY Pentop Computer website. And besides all the great Flash work, I want that toy!


Samarost2 is the whimsical story of a gnome-like character who ventures out to rescue his kidnapped dog from a planet of razor-sharp-toothed aliens. This is a real time-waster, so be warned before you start this game. The style and graphical nature of the game brings me back to the Myst and Riven genres, but the […]

Adobe Apollo

Adobe (in its new role as Macradobe) will be mashing together the Flash Player and Acrobat Reader into a new product called Apollo. Read up at Digital Inspiration.

Saab – Animal Vision

Here is a phenomenal use of Flash video. Saab has created their Animal Vision minisite, where the visitor must find the elusive lynx, while viewing stunning video of the Saab 9-5 Sedan and SportCombi parked in the middle of a haunting forest. It took me a while to figure out how they pulled this one […]