tweetndraw Is Live!

Using only the 140 characters allowed in a single tweet, what kind of art can be generated by a programmer who understands the drawing commands used by tweetndraw? Any tweets published with the #tweetndraw hashtag will be displayed in the tweetndraw gallery. All proceeds from this project will benefit high school art departments. Check It […]

Lifehacker Lists the Five Best Video Players

Recently, Lifehacker asked its readers to recommend their favorite video player. Not surprisingly, all of the resulting players are free. All of them run on Windows, and two of them run on Macs. I’ve been using VLC on both platforms for years. With all the different platforms, media, and codecs out there, it’s nice to […]

Ancient Rome

Here’s a sampling of my journey back in time to ancient Rome, a ten day photo shoot within this phenomenal city.

I Hate Drake Animation

Mortified Short Bus has put together a brilliant short animation based on the journal of an 11-year old kid and his experience with a bully. Watch the video on YouTube.

Alex Dragulescu

Alex Dragulescu is a Romanian visual artist. He does a wide variety of visual interpretations of information taken from all sorts of databases. Take a look at his spam plants beautiful images created from the ASCII values found in the text of spam messages.

Say Anything

I downloaded Say Anything’s album two weeks ago and I haven’t stopped listening since. This is some of the most original, aggressive, poetic music I’ve heard in years. The album “… is a real boy” is full of youthful angst and frustration. The emotions range from hysterical violence to complete self-concious analysis. Do yourself a favor and listen to the album in full. I’ve become an instant fan.

Inspiring Artist: Judith Fegerl

Browse through Judith Fegerl’s work and you will find a subtle interaction with her viewer and the human element. Not only are her installations beautiful, simple, and elegant – but alive and sensual on their own. I particularly love her Tension Object, a ceramic sphere covered in real human hair that pulses to the beat of 120,000 volts of electricity.