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Even quicker dirty static sites

A review of the quickest, simplest, and cheapest options available for immediate static website cloud hosting.

Quick and dirty static sites

There’s often a need to rapidly build-out or make changes to static websites (simple HTML or JavaScript sites that don’t require a back-end or database), and quickly get them up on a staging server for client review. These are the tools and techniques you can use to develop locally and deploy to a temporary cloud server efficiently.

The Frugal Maker

A list of battle-tested production-ready products and services I use in my own apps. Every product listed offers a free tier. Never pay more than you need again.

Design For Developers

Use this one simple design principle to make your user interfaces beautiful.

How Do I Learn To Code?

Learning to code can sound like a daunting, complicated, and difficult journey if you’re just starting out. Fortunately, we live in a time where the resources to learn for beginner and advanced programmers alike have never been more readily available.

The Pragmatic Perfectionist

You’re ready to launch your project— as soon as it’s perfect! Why does it never seem to be perfect? Overcome perfectionism and get things done.

Testing Node.js for Rails Lovers

You’ve built your first Rails-like Node app. But you’re used to test-driven development, and you have no tests! Don’t be a bad developer – let’s get into the nitty gritty of Node app testing.

Node.js for Rails Lovers

You love Ruby on Rails. There’s no easier or fun way to build a web application. But maybe you have several projects with specific Node.js business needs, or you just want to learn a new framework. You’re well-versed in JavaScript, so Node should be an easy transition, right? Let’s find out.