Lifehacker Lists the Five Best Video Players

Recently, Lifehacker asked its readers to recommend their favorite video player. Not surprisingly, all of the resulting players are free. All of them run on Windows, and two of them run on Macs. I’ve been using VLC on both platforms for years. With all the different platforms, media, and codecs out there, it’s nice to […]

I Hate Drake Animation

Mortified Short Bus has put together a brilliant short animation based on the journal of an 11-year old kid and his experience with a bully. Watch the video on YouTube.

Pleix Films

Pleix has some pretty creative film clips in their showcase. Feast your eyes.

Flash Video: The Most Widely Accepted Online Video

Macromedia Flash content reaches 97.3% of internet viewers. If you can watch a website with Flash, you can watch Flash Video. Why publish video online in any other format? Macromedia shamelessly flaunts their stats.

Apple and The Postal Service

Leander points out the similarities between the new Apple Intel ad and The Postal Service’s music video for “Such Great Heights” in Wired Magazines’s The Cult of Mac Blog.

Top 50 Music Videos Of 2005

DoCopenhagen has compiled a nice, clean list of the Top 50 Music Videos Of 2005 (with Flash video).

Creating Video for iPod

Want to get your own video onto your new video iPod? Apple has a straightforward tutorial that outlines the process. You’ll need QuickTime 7 Pro.


An entire gallery of video art on the iPod at Fine Art in Space.