Six Overground Redesign

Six Overground has finally received a long overdue revamp. Check it out!

The New Freelancer: Launching Your Virtual Company

So you’re ready to head off into the awesome world of freelance development: be your own boss, call your own shots, hire people, fire people, and rake in the money. The new freelancer is the virtual company: a team of individuals, each with their own unique talents – loosely associated with each other that come together on a project-by-project basis according to the needs of each assignment.

Seth Godin and The 7% Solution

Seth Godin asks his readers to imagine they’re real estate brokers and need to charge above the standard 6% commission. How can they justify a higher rate. This is a great exercise to reevaluate what you’re offering your customers. What if you had to charge more than your competitors? What will distinguish you? Can you do that for what you already charge? Clear and simple, Seth.

A List Apart: Findings from the Web Design Survey

A List Apart has pieced together results from a survey given to close to 33,000 web professionals. There are some interesting findings about who we are and why we do what we do.

The Million Dollar Homepage

Own a piece of internet history for $1 per pixel. British student Alex Tew has built this million dollar idea, and is now auctioning off his last 1,000 pixels on eBay.

Karate School Ad

I found this great karate school print ad at Advertising/Design Goodness, who actually spotted the ad at TWENTY FOUR. Sambit Mohanty from Vyas Gianetti Creative designed the ad and it recently won an Abby Gold & a New York Silver award. I wonder who will find this ad through my site and then post it […]

Google Analytics

Google just launched their Google Analytics program, so now web marketers have no excuse not to keep on top of their ROI-driven marketing campaigns. Even if you don’t use Google AdWords, it’s a good idea to monitor these statistics, just to improve upon your site design and content.

Craig’s Rule #1

If one shows one’s client a design that one hates, the client will always choose it. Make sure you are comfortable with every design you show your client, because, without fail, he or she will pick that one, and then you’ll have to live with it forever.