Jersey Shore Tech Meetup Presentation

I presented “You Already Know How To Build Mobile Apps” at the Jersey Shore Tech Meetup last night. Attendees learned how to build native mobile applications for multiple devices using alternative web technologies. You can download the presentation in PDF form here.

The Hackintosh

Are Apple’s hardware prices too high for your budget? Lifehacker has a great step-by-step tutorial on how to build your own Hackintosh. Turn an Intel x86 PC into your own bonafide Macintosh – well, almost – running OS 10.5.

Pegtop PStart

Now that you’ve setup your thumb drive with the Portable Apps Suite, download PStart to launch all those cool little portable applications from your system tray. Portable life just got a little easier.

Portable Apps Suite

Keep your web browser, email client, web editor, office suite, ftp client, and instant messenger with you wherever you go with the Portable Apps Suite. Everything will fit comfortably on a 512MB thumb drive.

Undervolting a laptop

It’s no secret that laptops tend to overheat and burn through their batteries in the blink of an eye. Fredrik Andersson of NordicHardware explains the technique of undervolting a laptop to cool your system down and extend its battery life. The expression “undervolting” is actually a misnomer, since what we’re really lowering is the tension […]

Apple MacBook Pro Laptops Released

Of course, just two months after I purchase a brand new 17-inch Apple PowerBook, Apple announces its release of the MacBook Pro, which is 4x faster than the now outdated G4s. These new laptops are powered by a dual-core Intel engine and come with a 15.4 inch TFT display. Well, at least mine is bigger.

Adobe Apollo

Adobe (in its new role as Macradobe) will be mashing together the Flash Player and Acrobat Reader into a new product called Apollo. Read up at Digital Inspiration.

Google Local for mobile

I just downloaded Google Local onto my Motorolla MPx220. Now I should never get lost again… unless it’s really cloudy or I’m out of network.

FORTUNE Magazine Covers Bram Cohen’s BitTorrent

FORTUNE Magazine’s article BITTORRENT: THE GREAT DISRUPTER chronicles Bram Cohen’s development of his groundbreaking BitTorrent technology. It’s an excellent example of what one individual with enormous patience and vision can accomplish.