Google Reader is Better than Bloglines

I’ve officially moved from Bloglines to Google Reader to digest my daily blogs. Here are some of the features that closed the deal:

  1. Blog entries are not automatically marked as read when you click on a blog link. Instead, Google Reader waits for you to actually scroll past an article to mark it as read. This becomes extremely useful if you happen to close your browser mid-read and want to pick up right where you left off the next time.
  2. Google Reader has a bigger font. I know that I could change this with my browser settings, but who wants to do that every time you go to read your blogs? Google Reader is much easier to read, just because they’ve increased the font by a few point sizes.
  3. Integration with iGoogle is very convenient. Google Reader is only one click away from my search page, along with Gmail, Google Calendar, and the rest of the Google empire.
  4. It’s Google. Google has a reputation for delivering solid web applications, so I can be sure to expect continual improvements upon an already great product.
  5. In a classically Google way, Google Reader has a search box that’s always available. I can search for a blog entry from my blogs or from anywhere in the blogosphere at any point in time.

I’m sold. If you’re not convinced – try Google Reader out for yourself.