RAD Model View Controller Demo

About RAD The Rapid ActionScript Development package lets developers get up and running with a lightweight flexible framework quickly and painlessly. Many developers are already using a model-view-controller framework. The RAD MVC package supplies a very clear set of abstract classes that will help any developer get up and running as fast as possible with […]

RAD Updated

I’ve updated the Rapid ActionScript Development package on Google Code. This update includes greater flexibility for the model-view-controller classes. This makes it even easier for both designers and hard-core programmers to use the framework. Stay tuned for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the MVC feature of the RAD package. RAD is available as […]

Rapid ActionScript Development Package Released

The RAD package has been born. This is a collection of ActionScript classes that I use often in my work. In the future I plan on posting a number of tutorials with examples of their use. I’ve added the full MVC design pattern and several Papervision3D utility classes. As I go through and clean up […]

3D Flash Card Flip Tutorial

One effect I need to use often in my Flash applications is a very simple card flip. The best way to simulate this effect is to use Papervision3D to make a realistic three dimensional illusion. For this demonstration we’re going to create a playing card that will flip to the other side when the user […]

Flash Game Programming Wiki

Interested in developing Flash games? Take a look at the Flash Game Programming Wiki, dedicated to game programming and development with Macromedia Flash.

Creating a Platform Game

If you’ve ever wanted to build a Flash version of Super Mario Bros., kirupa.com has a great tutorial on how to build a simple platform game in Flash.

SEPY : The Ultimate ActionScript Editor

Most heavy-duty ActionScripting is done in external *.as files, and it’s a good idea to use an editor outside of Flash to program in ActionScript. I’ve been using SEPY now for over a year, and it is by far the best ActionScript editor around. Some features include auto completion for Flash functions, a Class browser, […]