linkedup is a fantastic collection of links to beautifully designed websites. This is a great source of inspiration for any web designer.

Saul Bass

Once SBC Communications has acquired AT&T, one of the strongest brands in history will soon fade away. Saul Bass is the inventor of the AT&T logo, and one of my all-time favorite designers. Along with his timeless logo designs, he virtually single-handedly revolutionized Hollywood film titles and credits. Here are my top five links to […]

Before & After magazine

Before & After magazine offers its graphic design advice in easily dowloadable PDFs. There’s some good reading here.

New Work Is Up!

New work is finally up! Enjoy, there’s more to come.

Compare Fonts with Typetester

Typetester is an online application for comparing of screen fonts. This is a valuable tool for web designers who want to quickly compare variations of fonts on screen for use in websites.

Big Black Pencil

Leo Burnett has built a great ZUI portfolio site.

ZUI: The Next GUI

Forget GUIs (graphical user interfaces). ZUIs (zooming user interfaces) are what’s next – or so many developers would have us believe. Wikipedia references several implementations: Pad++, Piccolo, Squeak, and Archy to name a few. None of these are even remotely usable. However, sofake designed Billy Harvey’s website – which is a very effective and fun […]

Craig’s Rule #1

If one shows one’s client a design that one hates, the client will always choose it. Make sure you are comfortable with every design you show your client, because, without fail, he or she will pick that one, and then you’ll have to live with it forever.

Browser Statistics

“What display resolution should I design my websites for?” This is the age old web design question. While many designers have left the old 800×600 standard behind and moved on to 1024×768 when considering the size of their websites, they should really consider their audience. Check out the stats at W3Schools and you’ll find that […]


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