News at Seven

News at Seven automatically generates a virtual newscast – complete with images and videos – pulled from RSS feeds, presented by a video game character. The speech is awkward, but I imagine this could be the future of newscasts – tailored to your interests. Imagine a newscast compiled of the RSS feeds to which you subscribe, presented as if it were the 6:00 (sorry, 7:00) news. Brilliant concept.

NEWZingo – The Google News Tag Cloud

Here’s an interesting way to get your news. NEWZingo constantly watches Google news and displays them in a cloud, with the popular items larger than the others.

3 Steps to World News

How do you get your world news on the internet? Through a combination of RSS news feeds and a browser plug-in, you can easily scan and read news headlines in a fraction of the time it would normally take surfing the web. Step 1: Download Firefox Mozilla Firefox is currently the best browser for traveling […]