The Hackintosh

Are Apple’s hardware prices too high for your budget? Lifehacker has a great step-by-step tutorial on how to build your own Hackintosh. Turn an Intel x86 PC into your own bonafide Macintosh – well, almost – running OS 10.5.

PowerGlove Mouse

Finally, someone has put the Nintendo PowerGlove to good use! I’ll never forget the hype leading up to the release of the PowerGlove, how I envisioned playing my NES games in virtual reality, and then witnessing it’s total lameness when my cousin brought it to my house for the first time. It just plain didn’t […]

Undervolting a laptop

It’s no secret that laptops tend to overheat and burn through their batteries in the blink of an eye. Fredrik Andersson of NordicHardware explains the technique of undervolting a laptop to cool your system down and extend its battery life. The expression “undervolting” is actually a misnomer, since what we’re really lowering is the tension […]

Yahoo! Mail Beta Preview

tivac has a sneak peak of the soon to be public new Yahoo! Mail on Flickr. A select group of users has been able to test it out.

The iPod nano!

What do you get when you cross an iPod with the iPod shuffle? The iPod nano!

The Present Future

There’s an interesting discussion going on at about the future of technology and the user experience on the web. He asks that no one uses any of the buzz words that are so often used to describe Web 2.0 (another buzz word). Check it out.

Ten Years That Changed the World

Wired has a series of fascinating articles that study the past, present, and future of the internet. The Past: In late 1994, Time magazine explained why the Internet would never go mainstream: “It was not designed for doing commerce, and it does not gracefully accommodate new arrivals.” The Present: In fewer than 4,000 days, we […]