Testing Node.js for Rails Lovers

You’ve built your first Rails-like Node app. But you’re used to test-driven development, and you have no tests! Don’t be a bad developer – let’s get into the nitty gritty of Node app testing.

RAD Model View Controller Demo

About RAD The Rapid ActionScript Development package lets developers get up and running with a lightweight flexible framework quickly and painlessly. Many developers are already using a model-view-controller framework. The RAD MVC package supplies a very clear set of abstract classes that will help any developer get up and running as fast as possible with […]

3D Flash Card Flip Tutorial

One effect I need to use often in my Flash applications is a very simple card flip. The best way to simulate this effect is to use Papervision3D to make a realistic three dimensional illusion. For this demonstration we’re going to create a playing card that will flip to the other side when the user […]

The Pixel Tutorial by Derek Yu

Derek Yu has published a great tutorial on how to draw pixel art. Don’t be fooled, pixel art is not a dead art. Anyone who’s ever had to design an icon for the web will tell you otherwise.

Creating Video for iPod

Want to get your own video onto your new video iPod? Apple has a straightforward tutorial that outlines the process. You’ll need QuickTime 7 Pro.

PowerPoint to Flash

I’m often asked to convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash movies. While there are several third party applications that will do this, none truly meet my clients’ needs. These presentations need to behave exactly like a PowerPoint presentation. They must maintain all text and vector art. Most of the third party conversion utilities simply convert the […]