Most web designers know full well that designing web pages for different size browser windows is extremely important. Luckily, Brian Apps has released Sizer v3.3 to ease our pain and make it simple for all of us to view our websites in different sized windows. With a single click, we can now see our site […]

Beta Test Internet Explorer 7

Download the Beta 2 Preview of Internet Explorer 7 and take a look at the next generation of IE for the PC.

Yahoo! Releases UI and Design Pattern Libraries

The Yahoo! Developer Network has just released the Yahoo! User Interface Library, complete with a set of JavaScript utilities and controls for rich web applications, and the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library, which illustrates optimal solutions to common web development problems. These are invaluable resources for web developers, and Yahoo!, who in my opinion has impeccable […]

Flash Game Programming Wiki

Interested in developing Flash games? Take a look at the Flash Game Programming Wiki, dedicated to game programming and development with Macromedia Flash.

People’s Choice Award

Favourite Website Awards have opened the voting for their People’s Choice Award. Man, am I jealous.

Alexa Goes Public to Programmers

Create your own search engine. Access and process huge amounts of web data on someone else’s system, then republish it in your own web service. The implications are limitless. Alexa has opened its Web Search Platform to the public. Wired News has a great article on the event.

DWebPro: Get Your Website On CD

Have you ever developed a dynamic server-driven website and wanted to distribute it offline on a CD-ROM? Often, I’ve had to reprogram an entire website in straight HTML to get it to work off of a CD. With DWebPro, this is a problem no more. DWebPro is a stand alone web server that supports virtually […]