The Webby Awards’ 12 Most Influential Online Videos of All Time

These bring me back. It’s great to see that they included Burger King’s Subservient Chicken, as it’s more interactive than strictly video. Burger King had pioneered one of the first successful online viral marketing campaigns. Take a look at all 12 videos.

A List Apart: Findings from the Web Design Survey

A List Apart has pieced together results from a survey given to close to 33,000 web professionals. There are some interesting findings about who we are and why we do what we do.

News at Seven

News at Seven automatically generates a virtual newscast – complete with images and videos – pulled from RSS feeds, presented by a video game character. The speech is awkward, but I imagine this could be the future of newscasts – tailored to your interests. Imagine a newscast compiled of the RSS feeds to which you subscribe, presented as if it were the 6:00 (sorry, 7:00) news. Brilliant concept.


Here’s something to waste your time. You’ve heard of Google Translate? Well, it has a spin-off called Gizoogle, “Fo all you beotches who wanna find shiznit”. Here’s the Gizoogle translation of my homepage: I am a brotha . Tru niggaz do niggaz. Although I hizzy specialized in interactive design fo’ as long as I can […]

People’s Choice Award

Favourite Website Awards have opened the voting for their People’s Choice Award. Man, am I jealous.

Alexa Goes Public to Programmers

Create your own search engine. Access and process huge amounts of web data on someone else’s system, then republish it in your own web service. The implications are limitless. Alexa has opened its Web Search Platform to the public. Wired News has a great article on the event.

DWebPro: Get Your Website On CD

Have you ever developed a dynamic server-driven website and wanted to distribute it offline on a CD-ROM? Often, I’ve had to reprogram an entire website in straight HTML to get it to work off of a CD. With DWebPro, this is a problem no more. DWebPro is a stand alone web server that supports virtually […]


In my never ending quest to use the most bleeding-edge-newest-and-coolest browser, I’ve stumbled upon Flock. And yet I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to leave Firefox behind.

Top 10 Web Fads

CNET highlights the top 10 web fads over the past 10 years. How many of these do you remember? Read the article.