Consolidation Is Coming

The trends are everywhere. Facebook just bought FriendFeed. Google Voice is currently in beta, and Google is launching Wave later this year. What do all these tools help to do? They consolidate multiple streams of information into one thread. With FriendFeed, you can now see all of your friends’ status updates from Twitter, Facebook, and […]

Find out what’s going on in your neighborhood with, a new Google Maps mashup.

Google Spreadsheets Sneak Peak

In their never-ending quest to take over the world, Google has just released a sneak peak of their Microsoft Excel killer, Google Spreadsheets. A lucky few will be allowed to preview the beta version.

Yahoo! Releases UI and Design Pattern Libraries

The Yahoo! Developer Network has just released the Yahoo! User Interface Library, complete with a set of JavaScript utilities and controls for rich web applications, and the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library, which illustrates optimal solutions to common web development problems. These are invaluable resources for web developers, and Yahoo!, who in my opinion has impeccable […]

Yahoo! Buys has joined the Yahoo! family. I wonder which bookmarking tool will survive the merge, Yahoo! 360 or Read about it at

Google Base

In yet another beta launch, Google has created Google Base, a place where users can post any type of information and Google will host it and make searchable. This is an interesting take on publishing – somewhat of a cross between, Wikipedia, and

Yahoo! Shoposphere Launches

Yahoo! Shopping has launched the Yahoo! Shoposhere just in time for the holidays. Create your own “Pick Lists” and share your favorite stuff with the Yahoo! Shopping community.

I’m a Squidoo Beta Tester

I just received my acceptance into the Squidoo Beta group. Time to check out the new neighborhood.

MySpace The Phenomenon

Wired magazine has a great article titled “The Hit Factory” about the rise of MySpace. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the huge community website, it receives more hits than Google, and has become the internet version of MTV, launching thousands of indie bands without a major label. It’s an interesting look into […]


BlinkList is a new social bookmarking/tagging tool. It’s still relatively unpopulated, but there does seem to be a dominant design community. Although this is definitely not a design-oriented site, we may be seeing more topic-specific bookmarking websites, as more startups follow the model. This almost defeats the purpose of a tagging/bookmarking portal, but it […]