It’s Whizzball!!! I’m addicted.

Flash Game Programming Wiki

Interested in developing Flash games? Take a look at the Flash Game Programming Wiki, dedicated to game programming and development with Macromedia Flash.


Disaffected! is a videogame parody of the Kinko’s copy store, which generates a source of frustration from its patrons. This is part of a new series from Persuasive Games that they call anti-advergames.


Samarost2 is the whimsical story of a gnome-like character who ventures out to rescue his kidnapped dog from a planet of razor-sharp-toothed aliens. This is a real time-waster, so be warned before you start this game. The style and graphical nature of the game brings me back to the Myst and Riven genres, but the […]

Wired Game|Life

Chris Kohler is running the Game|Life blog over at Wired. The articles are really comprehensive, and I absolutely love his topic title “Game|Death”.

The Destiny of Online Games

Boing Boing pointed me to this presentation given by Raph Koster, titled The Destiny of Online Games. Raph is the creator of Ultima Online and the author of A Theory of Fun. Although the presentation is primitively designed, it serves as a great example of how PowerPoint can be unboring when enough thought and effort […]


Yup, it’s official. Doom is here for the iPod nano. It’s been said that no platform is legitimate until you can play Doom on it.

Machinima: 3D Game-Based Filmmaking

With the release of The Sims 2 comes a new ad campaign, featuring machinima (pronounced ma-SHEEN-i-ma), a new film genre where video game players capture footage of themselves and then edit it together with narrative. Electronic Arts hired Rooster Teeth Productions to create “The Strangerhood“, a parody of reality TV, to promote their Sims 2 […]

Videogame Aesthetics

David Hayward posted a very topical article about the changing aesthetics of video games. With the ever progressing surge towards true photo-reality in games, the visual effect of games has become banal. Hayward looks at the progression of art history in a similar fashion, proposing that a revolt against photo-realism is imminent. This can even […]